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What is the sector’s combined DB asset cover?
£0 7bn Combined asset cover £4 3bn
£4 3bn
£2 3bn
30 Sept 17
Stressed* Net unrestricted assets
£0 7bn £4 3bn
£0 7bn – The combined estimated FRS102 deficit as at at 30 September 2017
£4 3bn
– Total net unrestricted assets
across the the 44 charities with a a a a a a a DB scheme on the the relevant accounting dates £2 3bn
– The size of the combined deficit in in a a a a ‘stressed’ scenario where assets
by by 10% 10% and pension scheme liabilities increase by by 10% 10% This would make the the combined deficit broadly 3 times the the size x2
If unrestricted assets
remain at the the same level they can cover this increased deficit 2 times over over £2 3bn
Put together the the charities have enough unrestricted assets
to to cover the FRS102 deficit 6 times over over 11

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