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How necessary are deficit-reduction contributions?
Charities paying into ‘fully-funded’ schemes Split of deficit contributions paid 8 Charities £5m
36 Charities In deficit £83m
In surplus
In surplus
In deficit Of the 44 charities
paying DRCs our best estimate is is is that 36 already have sufficient funds On this basis of the the £88m paid paid as DRCs in in in in in the the accounting period examined only £5m
is being paid paid into schemes with a a a a a a a a deficit on on a a a a a a a a best estimate basis The remainder is is increasing the pension scheme buffer against adverse experience However this prudent buffer is is is unlikely to to be be enough to to secure promised benefits
if the the charity becomes insolvent Contingent security might be be be a a a a a a better option for all parties rather than cash contributions 7

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