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"The consultant was very knowledgeable and the only improvement would have been more time to go into some of the finer points."

At Retirement

At Retirement

Gone are the days when retirement was simply a case of claiming your free bus pass. Would be pensioners now have a variety of sources of pensions and savings and are faced with decisions that will impact on the rest of their lives. Whether it is the tax free lump sum, an enhanced annuity, the needs of loved ones or the worries of inflation, long term interest rates and life expectancy, this is a truly critical time. The benefit of years of savings could be thrown away with a few careless decisions. This is a crucial point in the whole process of financial empowerment.

We will cover these topics as part of our general workshops, but for those employees retiring from active service, giving them individual assistance to make most informed decisions is a hugely appreciated service.

As only a few employees retire from active service each year, one-to-one sessions are the best way to meet this demand.

  • to answer any specific questions that members may have about retirement
  • to help members develop a personal retirement budget
  • to assess the total level of retirement income likely both at the point of retiring and longer-term
  • to compare the pension options available, such as:
    • early retirement
    • taking tax free cash
    • aggregating legacy DC pots into single income source
    • getting an annuity quotation and/or exploring other options
  • to consider the member's other long-term savings