What our clients say

"This is the first time I have fully understood the scheme. Made me feel that I am a valued employee."


Q1 Credibility linked to independence - Should we offer IFE or just FE?

    We believe that any financial education programme should be demonstrably independent, IFE rather than FE. Our success to date is a result of our being seen to be independent from the Company and from any product providers.

    We have recently completed a highly successful programme of group workshops for over 4,000 staff for a FTSE100 company. Due to the positive feedback received, the programme was extended and we are currently completing workshops to a further group of some 2,000 employees. A common message from attendees is that our independence adds credibility and encourages open mindedness and active participation.

Q2 Education not Advice - Should we offer IFE or IFA?

    We are not authorised to give advice to individuals. Even if we were, we doubt the value of linking education to specific advice on, or the promotion of, specific products. Employees are more willing to engage and change their viewpoint if we are able to make clear we have no vested interest in them taking one course of action over another.

Q3 Branding - First Actuarial or your company?

    We think any programme benefits from some company primary branding. The First Actuarial brand will be used at the point of delivery to establish independence. This system of co-branding will apply to the IFE website, Paper Financial Planning Booklets and Group Workshops.

Q4 Access to other specialists - do we have the knowledge within the company to answer staff questions?

    In delivering a workshop that highlights the various company benefits (pensions, share schemes, loyalty discounts etc) we will need access to the teams who run these initiatives, either as a source of training initially, or as ongoing support when answering “Ask an expert” questions. Involving a wider team presents you with an opportunity to create internal FE champions who build knowledge across all aspects of the company's benefits.

Q5 Ensuring a joined-up approach - how do we make log-in areas secure but easy to access?

    The IFE programme includes access to a workshop, website(s) and modeller(s). It is important that we make it simple for the employee to access the information in a simple way. Where passwords are deemed necessary, we will tailor these to be consistent with your needs, whilst still maintaining sufficient security.

Q6 Why use First Actuarial?

  • we bring a deep knowledge of retirement provision within the UK
  • we are skilled communicators with experience of explaining complex pension and savings issues to workforces across the country in plain terms. We cover pensions, share schemes, Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), debt repayment and property investment
  • we have recent experience of working on similar projects with other clients. We have run a series of face-to-face workshop for around 6,000 staff of a FTSE 100 company, with very positive feedback
  • we have a "can-do" attitude and flexible approach that allows us to adapt to the ever changing needs of evolving projects like this
  • we are well known by the unions and encourage early engagement with your union representatives
  • we are acknowledged through the work of Henry Tapper as thought leaders in this area and are becoming pioneers of delivering information and getting engagement in pensions through social media

Q7 This all sounds great - but realistically how much will it all cost?

    Our experience to date is that the value staff place on a great IFE programme will far outweigh the cost of engaging us to design and deliver it. The largest cost to you is likely to be the investment you make in staff by allowing them the time off to attend the workshops.

    For an indicative budget, speak to your local First Actuarial contact or email Peter Shellswell or David Joy, or email

    Once we have an outline of what you are looking to achieve, we can give you an estimate of our fees.