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"I feel able to make informed decisions on how I wish to proceed."

Group Workshops

Group Workshops

Financial education starts with engagement. The best way to engage is to talk to people. That is why our financial education programme is built around group workshops.

The workshops have been designed to demystify the financial world using plain English. Delivery is jargon free from experts who are friendly and have a personal desire to help people get the most out of their finances.

It is not death by PowerPoint. Never will two hours pass so quickly, or with such value for your employees.

How do we know – we have run hundreds of them already and the feedback is great.

We have run workshops on a range of topics – general pensions education, changing of pension benefits, company share schemes, auto enrolment, at retirement and salary sacrifice, general savings - you name it, we can cover it.

Click here for an example outline of our general pension and savings workshop.