What our clients say

"I found the session really really helpful – both in order for me to ask some really fundamental and basic questions about how pensions work "

Feedback for FA IFE

We have had some great feedback from the projects we have run. Have a look under the headings below:


    Workshop Rating
    (Based on some 700 responses from 4000 attendees polled)

    "Excellent education session – best course in years."

    "This is the first time I have fully understood the scheme. Made me feel that I am a valued employee."

    "I thought I had a good understanding of pensions and the like but this session really opened my eyes."


    Workshop Presenter Rating
    (Based on some 700 responses from 4000 attendees polled)

    "Presentation was excellent – thoroughly recommend everyone attends."

    "Very helpful as pensions are hard to understand. Was put in layman’s language."


    Empowerment means taking action. Following our IFE programmes, our clients have reported the following:

    • significant increase in take-up of company share based plans
    • increased take-up of AVC facility
    • increased membership of company pension scheme