What our clients say

"Presentation was excellent – thoroughly recommend everyone attends"

"The consultant was very knowledgeable and the only improvement would have been more time to go into some of the finer points."

FA IFE - Independent Financial Education

We are committed to helping people get the most from their personal finances. This covers pensions and other work based benefits together with their wider savings and home finances. The first step of this is always to engage. Only when first engaged will they be ready to learn. So education follows engagement. Once you have engaged and educated, your employees are ready to do it themselves, to take action. You will have delivered empowerment.

Because engagement is the starting point, we place an emphasis on face to face workshops, which the form the centre of our independent financial education services. However, face to face alone will not be enough to engage educate empower, and so we build other ways to engage and educate using printed materials, website and models.

For more information on the services we provide, please see here for our IFE Flyer.

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