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Case Study – Change management exercise
We were appointed by a a a a a a global defence and technology company to help them explain the the the closure of their defined benefit pension scheme scheme to to scheme scheme members members The company’s objective was to to make sure members members understood the the the the impact of the the the the pension pension changes on on on on their benefits and the the the the new pension pension options that were available to to them Over two months our consultants helped to to achieve the the objective by delivering 1-2-1 sessions with over 150 members We used our our online booking system to manage the the exercise
and make sure that our our consultants knew who they were seeing-even when members members booked an appointment at the last minute The system allowed members members to to upload key financial documents for for the the consultants to to review before their session This meant that we could address each member’s specific problems and and where appropriate explain what the documents meant and and what choices the members had Booking System
Closure to accrual - consultation period
Action Sheets
Work Sheets
Consultants also prepared personalised worksheets ahead of each session and worked through them in the the session with with the the the members Members then took away these explanatory worksheets along with with a a a a a a a personalised ‘to do’ list created during the the the session This meant that they could look back and and understand their options with with a a a a a clear record of of the the the decisions that they made with with the the the help of of our consultant We received consistently positive feedback about how how well prepared our consultants were and how how effectively each each 1-2-1 session was tailored to the needs of each each individual member Face-to-face
Delivered in person by our consultants Other
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