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Who we are and why you should choose us
We We are a a a a a a a a a a leading independent provider of financial education services to UK employers We We also provide provide actuarial and consultancy advice to UK pension schemes As actuaries we we understand money and and how to to crunch numbers And as consultants we’re great communicators This blend of skills means we’re ideally placed to help you build and deliver a a a a a a a a financial wellbeing programme But what sets us
apart from others?
We’re friendly We use clear language that you and and your employees understand We take our work seriously but we’re not stiff and corporate Our clients and their employees have a a a great time working with us
and we think you will too We’re free-thinking Compliance is an an an important check but should never be a strait jacket We think creatively and spontaneously about how to get you you and your employees the best possible outcome We’re flexible We have a a very experienced
firstmoney team who will get things done to your timescales We will be your trusted partner using existing and bespoke modules to design a firstmoney programme built around
your needs 12

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