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Financially happier employees give you more
Schools teach some of the life-skills and knowledge that we need for adult life life – from healthy eating to planning
a a a a a a a a a a a timetable But few people are taught how to manage money an an essential part of personal wellbeing As a a a a a a a a a a a result millions of adults suffer from not understanding their finances This can lead to poor financial decisions stress and reduced performance at work firstmoney gets each employee engaged with their money money It gives them confidence by explaining how to make better financial decisions And it encourages them to to change their behaviour by using a a a a a a a personalised ‘to do’ list This leads to a a a a a a better better financial position for for for them and better better performance for for for you firstmoney Engage
+ Explain
+ Encourage
Increased Employee Wellbeing
Better Financial Outcomes for Employers
Overall Wellbeing
Financial Physical Mental Social
Productivity & Morale
Turnover & Absence
Appreciation of benefits

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