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Case Study – Career-wide financial wellbeing programme
Since 2012 we have helped a a a a a a a a FTSE 100 company to build a a a a a a a a comprehensive Financial Wellbeing programme
supports their employees from joining to retiring Every month a a a a webinar introduces new joiners to to the the the the benefits the the the the company offers and how to to get them Then the the the the programme
revolves around a a a a a a a set of annual group workshops run in locations across the UK topped up up with topical webinars and webchats Topics covered have included ‘Saving enough to to to stop work’ ‘Keeping calm about money’ and ‘Making the most out of £50’ Each year we work work with the the company to develop and deliver new workshops that
address their employees’ needs We also run a a a a a a a a dedicated financial wellbeing website website with extra information This website website allows employees to book onto the the the best event for them When people are about to to to retire they get to to to talk with an an experienced consultant on on on the the phone focusing on on their specific retirement plans Booking System
New Joiner Live Webinar
Group Topical At 55 Workshops Webinars Webinars Webinars Webinars Your career - from joining to retirement At retirement 1-2-1
Action Timesheets
Each year the the the company reviews the the the success and and impact of the the the Financial Wellbeing programme
and and we work with them to refine it it Member feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and as as a a a a a a result more members are getting involved in in the programme
each year year Last year year we spoke to to over 1 500 people face-to-face Face-to-face
Delivered in person by our consultants
Most of which is available 24/7 for employees to use
Can be accessed online or or in other formats

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