Covid-19 and your employees – A webinar for personal and financial wellbeing

It has never been harder to safeguard employee wellbeing

First Actuarial, a leading provider of financial wellbeing services in the workplace, is here to help. We are offering a Covid-19 wellbeing webinar recording, available to all UK employers and their staff, free of charge.

To help your employees manage their personal finances and mental health, it offers top tips for managing money and points to personal wellbeing guidance from leading mental health organisations.

Our webinar will help you support your staff during this unsettling period:

Updating the
household budget

Staying at home means savings in areas such as travel, but what are the additional costs of the pandemic? Help your employees with household budgeting – and make sure they don’t miss out on benefits, allowances and refunds – with our up-to-date tips.

Managing pensions
and savings

Many people are worried about their future security and struggle to make financial decisions in such volatile market conditions. We offer clear information on savings, investments and pensions, including a personal finance action plan, from our experts.

Coping with
financial difficulty

Financial problems are doubly stressful in uncertain times, and services such as Citizens Advice may be harder to access. We offer step-by-step information, guidance and options for employees who are struggling to make ends meet.

Managing physical
and mental health

It can be hard to manage feelings of loneliness, anxiety and sadness without social contact. Even your strongest employees may be affected. We offer tips for managing physical health, a practical guide to home working, and pointers to sources on mental wellbeing.

money scams

Scammers thrive on uncertainty, so make sure your employees don’t fall prey to crimes that can rob them of their hard-earned savings. We highlight the tell-tale signs of financial scams to help your employees spot these criminals before it’s too late.

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We are making our Covid-19 wellbeing webinar freely available to all UK employers. It is around 35 minutes long. Register for the webinar today to receive access to the recording.

If you think it might help your staff, we will also help you quickly and easily generate an email to them, introducing the webinar and inviting them to watch it.

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We can also create a bespoke presentation tailored to your organisation's benefits, and allowing time for questions and webchat. Our specialists can build in specific information in areas such as your company pension schemes and even employee share schemes.

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Why First Actuarial?

First Actuarial is a leading provider of financial wellbeing services to UK employers. Our business also includes actuarial and consultancy services to UK pension schemes.

As actuaries, we understand money and how to crunch numbers. And as consultants, we’re great communicators. This blend of skills makes us ideally placed to help you foster financial and personal wellbeing in these challenging times.

Employers value our independent perspective and objective guidance. We do not sell financial products or services. We put the interests of employers and staff at the centre of everything we do.

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First Actuarial case studies

FTSE 100 business

From websites and webinars to one-to-one discussions, First Actuarial's financial wellbeing programme meets the needs of all employees and receives rave reviews at a leading fast moving consumer goods business.

"First Actuarial staff have a real passion about financial wellbeing. They make a real difference to people’s lives by helping them manage their finances properly. And that comes through in their energy and commitment to everything they do."



First Actuarial partnered with Bromford to communicate extensive pension scheme changes and improve financial wellbeing, delivering more than 40 group presentations to 1,200 colleagues.

"Working with First Actuarial was a highly professional partnership that had a positive effect on our colleagues. We received great feedback on both the group and one-to-one sessions they ran."


Bolton Cares

Taking responsibility for care services previously provided by a local authority, Bolton Cares turned to First Actuarial for help in setting up a competitive and affordable DC pension scheme for its staff.

Throughout the project, they managed themselves in an independent way in terms of the information they provided our employees, which was accurate and complete.”

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