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Growing numbers of people suffer from stress caused by money worries. They’re unhappy, and they’re not fulfilling their potential at work.

Schools teach some of the life skills and knowledge that we need for adult life – from healthy eating to planning a timetable. But few people are taught how to manage money, an essential part of personal well being. As a result, millions of adults suffer the consequences of poor financial understanding and decision-making, which can spill over into their working life.

How First Actuarial can help

Find Out About Money is our financial wellbeing programme. We help your employees understand more about budgeting, saving and borrowing, giving them skills to manage money and make plans for the future. When your employees are on top of their finances, they’ll be on top of their job – happy, focused and working productively.

Find Out About Money is a series of learning modules for your staff. We’ll deliver clear, meaningful information so your employees understand how to make the best possible choices with their money.

One great thing about Find Out About Money is its flexibility. We start by talking with you, to agree your objectives and your employees’ needs. We take you through the Learning Modules we offer and the building blocks we use to deliver learning and support – from workshops and surgeries to websites and videos, and everything in between!

Your tailor-made programme will give your employees the information they need in ways that suit them best. You can blend webinars and one-to-one web chats, websites with booklets, and the learning modules are available individually or as a programme, depending on your objectives and your budget. See our building blocks for the choices you have in our module delivery.

Once your Find Out About Money programme is up and running, we can refine it over time as your needs change and we get to know your employees.

What do our modules cover?

Because people’s financial concerns change over time, we’ve created modules that address the needs that arise at different stages of life, and these include:

Starting a new job

We help new staff understand the benefits you offer and the options they can choose from.

Managing Debt

Almost everyone has debt. We explain the difference between good debt and bad debt. We show how to reduce debt and any interest payable on it, and manage credit rating.

Addressing tax issues

Certain staff may have tax issues as a result of saving too much in any one year or over their lifetime. We outline the options that will help them make informed decisions.

Start Work Retire


We explain how people can buy the same things more cheaply, and what this extra money can do for any savings or debt they may have accumulated.

Saving enough to stop work

We demonstrate a simple way to set an income target for retirement. And we explain to employees how to work out when they’ll be able to retire, and what their options are.

Retirement counselling

Retirement can be a scary time. We’ll work with your staff to explain their retirement options and suggest ways to make the most of their income and their retirement years.

Why First Actuarial?

We are a leading independent provider of financial education services to UK employers. We also provide actuarial and consultancy advice to UK pension schemes.

As actuaries, we understand money and how to crunch numbers. And as consultants, we’re great communicators. This blend of skills makes us ideally placed to help you build and deliver a financial wellbeing programme for your workforce.

But what sets us apart from the rest?

We're friendly

We use clear language that everyone will understand.We take our work seriously, but we’re not stiff and corporate.Our clients and their employees have a great time working with us and we think you will too.

We’re free-thinking

Legal compliance is a starting point, but it needn’t be a straitjacket. We think creatively and spontaneously about how to get you and your employees the best possible outcomes.

We’re flexible

Our team is professional and experienced, and we’ll get things done to your timescales.

We’ll be your trusted partner, designing a programme to meet your needs using existing and bespoke modules.

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First Actuarial case studies

FTSE 100 business

From websites and webinars to one-to-one discussions, First Actuarial's financial wellbeing programme meets the needs of all employees and receives rave reviews at a leading fast moving consumer goods business.

"First Actuarial staff have a real passion about financial wellbeing. They make a real difference to people’s lives by helping them manage their finances properly. And that comes through in their energy and commitment to everything they do."



First Actuarial partnered with Bromford to communicate extensive pension scheme changes and improve financial wellbeing, delivering more than 40 group presentations to 1,200 colleagues.

"Working with First Actuarial was a highly professional partnership that had a positive effect on our colleagues. We received great feedback on both the group and one-to-one sessions they ran."


Aster Group

Housing association Aster Group extended its financial wellbeing programme and brought in First Actuarial to deliver a bespoke Retirement Planner, with supporting webinars and one-to-one sessions.

“People love the one-to-ones and are grateful for them. It’s a valuable offering that would otherwise cost them hundreds of pounds. People recognise it as a real benefit.”

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