Date: 24/02/2020

PositionNameMonkeys BeatenPoints
1Craig Moran*****996271.0
2Neringa Simonaityte995261.1
3Andrew Hall*****993255.0
4Paul Landreth*****988246.2
5Claire Saunders985236.7
6Steve Higginbottom****984234.3
7Neil Kempshall975222.0
8Jane Carrington961211.7
9Becky Thompson*****961211.3
10Henry Tapper***952206.1
11Matthew Slater**937196.6
12Jon Wilkes931194.2
13Dale Walmsley*****914190.2
14John Small*****906187.1
15Gary Symons**901185.3
16Marcus Johansson*****893182.8
17Jack Presswell*883178.5
18Paul Moloney****861172.2
19Jonathan Hugh***859171.4
20Michael Stock855171.0
21Jenny Mahtani**854170.0
22Stephen Moorse****850168.9
23Tim Jones*****843167.3
24Dan Phillips836165.3
25Brendan O'Connor*****832164.2
26Emma Robinson****827163.0
27Sam Mullock*817160.3
28Matthew Allen*813159.5
29Dean Hornsby*813159.5
30Richard Lunt***811158.0
31Peter Norman*****799155.0
32George Kennedy*797154.7
33Neil Kennedy****793153.8
34Chris Marson****792153.3
35Andy Britton**788152.6
36James Gardner*786151.8
37Richard Buck*785151.6
38Mark Hampton*779150.2
39Mel Wilson*****777150.1
40James Saxton**774149.6
41Adul Fiddler*769148.9
42Andy Yates****761147.5
43Stan Hutchinson*****761147.1
44Paul Devine*****752145.8
45Eddie Hopkins*****748145.3
46David Bramham**747145.0
47Dan Jinks****747144.9
48James Smith*****747144.9
49Chas Goddard*****747144.7
50Jane Boorman*****747144.6
51Marcos Abreu738142.7
52Nick Saxton*734141.5
53Ben Law731141.3
54Ranbir Khinda718138.0
55Caroline Parker***714136.9
56Josh Allison714136.8
57Martin Blades****702134.0
58Craig Walker****698133.2
59Gregor Stronach688131.5
60Adam Robertson***687131.4
61Mark Williams681130.4
62Aaron Love*****681130.1
63Will Greaves667128.0
64John Hope****646124.2
65Ian Shepherd626121.0
66Andy Illingworth626120.9
67Daniel Shipp620120.1
68Scott Harrison*****619119.9
69Alyson Hampton*617119.3
70Mark Warnes*****615118.9
71Tim Poil*****613118.4
72Thomas Harrington608117.9
73Marina Sanders608117.8
74Roger Arnold*****603116.9
75Colin Freeman*****598116.5
76Duncan Carter*****573112.7
77Mitesh Dayalji560111.4
78Nicole Dobson****559111.2
79Mark Riches550109.2
80Dylan O'Reilly****544108.2
81Katie Sutton*542107.9
82Hilary Salt****542107.8
83James Allen****537107.2
84Lesley Denny*****537107.2
85Rob Heeley528106.1
86Isaac Hunt525105.6
87George Bilsby***521104.8
88Sandra Young505102.6
89Graham Bates500101.8
90Jen Hodgson48398.1
91Rohit Siqueira**48397.8
92Lisa Orange47997.5
93Max Mauchline*****47997.4
94Sean Delaney*****47797.1
95Wendy Ludman****47597.0
96Paul Mason46594.7
97Paul Marriott*****45592.9
98Lauren Coulthard*45192.5
99Andy Taylor*44692.2
100Rachel Coe**44591.8
101Chris Williams****44591.6
102Amrita Dasgupta**43590.3
103Caroline Gower*43089.9
104Kester Young*****43089.8
105George Kirrin*****42789.3
106Lance Havell*****42689.2
107Kapil Sheth*39984.3
108Darren Goodall*****39983.8
109Derek Allen*39983.8
110Shona Stronach38981.3
111Charlotte White37980.2
112Jennifer Jackson37679.6
113Daniel Morris37679.4
114John Stock37178.8
115Daniel Sirl*36778.4
116Simon Holderness***35476.9
117Joe Pearce35276.7
118Tony Barnard****34075.0
119Amy Friel*32071.6
120Victoria Richards29767.2
121Helen Butters***28465.3
122Tim Barlow****27661.4
123Micah Derbyshire*25557.3
124Keith Taylor25457.0
125Robin Holderness*****23451.7
126Megan Sullivan*22248.8
127Alvyn Mzwimbi22248.8
128Graham Edmonds*****22248.3
129Andrew Pritchard*****21847.1
130John Ingoe20643.9
131Steven Pickles**19941.5
132Toni Johnson*****18238.5
133Stephen Kilgannon****18137.6
134Declan Keohane*****17836.9
135Lea Salter15430.7
136Matthew Ward15329.5
137Steve Houghton*13925.2
138Manjula Satheesan**11719.9
139Oliver Nicholls*11519.4
140Sharon Royston*888.9
141Chris Chivers*****857.4
142Rob Young**733.9
143Michelle Smith65-0.1
144Graham Hutchings59-3.6
145Phil Leary**22-25.4
146Andrew Grant*20-29.6
147Nicola Moore***15-39.9
148Abbie Greenwood15-40.1
149Graeme Denny****13-41.6

(*) Asterisks indicate the number of previous seasons played (showing up to a maximum of five)

First Actuarial case studies


The RSPB was determined to minimise the impact of its new defined contribution scheme on employees, and appointed First Actuarial to support the transition and select a provider with strong ethical values.

“I would definitely recommend working with First Actuarial. Their consultants went over and above the call of duty to make sure the project progressed smoothly.”


The Kennel Club

Concerned about the risk of an Employer contribution increase as a result of high liabilities, Trustees of the Kennel Club Pension Fund turned to First Actuarial.

“They’re extremely professional and helpful. Their input always seems sound, logical and well presented. First Actuarial handled the transition well, they provide us with helpful guidance, and have delivered what they promised when they pitched for the work.”


Bolton Cares

Taking responsibility for care services previously provided by a local authority, Bolton Cares turned to First Actuarial for help in setting up a competitive and affordable DC pension scheme for its staff.

“They’ve been really helpful and professional throughout the project, and we’ll use them again if we need specialist advice.”

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