Trade union briefings

  • 2022


    Trade union briefing, Q1 2022

    In this briefing, we look at how The Pensions Regulator (TPR) proposes that CDC pension schemes will be regulated. We report on the Department of Work and Pensions’ (DWP) State Pension shortcomings, and discuss how your annual scheme return submission has changed this year. We also provide an update on...

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  • 2021


    Trade union briefing, Q4 2021

    In our final briefing of 2021, we take a look at the next round of pensions-related legislation passing through Parliament and provide you with an update on the British Steel Pension Scheme’s FCA investigation. We also look at management fees charged to new and small DC pension pots and the...

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    Trade union briefing, Q3 2021

    This quarter, we discuss the suspension of the triple lock, the increase in NI contributions and new guidance for schemes on GMP equalisation. We also provide a Covid-19 mortality update and a summary of charges of maladministration regarding the DWP’s announcement of the women’s State Pension age changes.

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    Trade union briefing, Q2 2021

    In this second briefing of 2021, we look at proposed new powers to help Trustees to stop pension scams. We also look at Government proposals to make benefit statements more user-friendly, and at renewed calls for the Chancellor to review his stance on pensions tax relief. We give an overview...

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    Trade union briefing, Q1 2021

    In this briefing, we look at the remedy to remove age discrimination in public service pension schemes, following the publication of Government’s consultation response. Staying with public service pensions, we examine the removal of the exit payments cap. We explore the new Pension Schemes Act and the proposed increase to...

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  • 2020


    Trade union briefing, Q4 2020

    In the latest issue of our briefing for trade unions, we discuss the future of the RPI and the latest update on GMP equalisation requirements. We also look at the latest developments in the Pension Schemes Bill and the new withdrawal option available to independent schools in the Teachers' Pension...

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    Trade union briefing, Q3 2020

    In the latest issue of our briefing for trade unions, we discuss the latest in pensions from Government, from the confirmed minimum pension age increase and the underpayment of some state pensions, to the latest pensions legislation proposals. We also introduce the new Enhanced Governance Fund that First Actuarial played...

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    Trade union briefing, Q2 2020

    In the latest issue, we discuss the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on individuals and pension schemes as the economy remains on hold, looking in particular at the Regulator’s Annual Funding Statement. We share a link to First Actuarial’s free webinar aimed at helping your members manage their personal finances in...

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    Trade union briefing, Q1 2020

    In the latest issue of our briefing for trade unions, we discuss the impact of Covid-19 on pension schemes as global markets tumble. We also outline the issues that Budget 2020 raises for trade unionists.

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  • 2019


    Trade union briefing, Q4 2019

    We discuss the latest pension issues affecting trade unions. We report on action the NHS has taken in the face of the tax 'crisis'. In response to employer contribution increases, 62 independent schools now plan to leave the TPS (Teachers' Pension Scheme). And have a guess where the UK ranks...

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    Trade union briefing, Q3 2019

    In this issue, our update on public service pensions includes the ongoing impact of pension tax changes on some NHS employees, and recent law cases which have ruled transitional protections in both the Judicial and Firefighters' Schemes to be unlawful. We also look at the pain that pension scams are...

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    Trade union briefing – TUC Congress special issue

    In this TUC Congress special briefing, we report back on findings from last year's pensions and financial wellbeing survey at the TUC Congress in Manchester. Over 40% of people are unconfident that they're saving enough for their retirement, for example. Read on for more findings and trade union news. If...

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    Trade union briefing, Q2 2019

    In our latest trade union briefing, we discuss intergenerational fairness and how this is affecting pensions and trade unions – with the triple-lock on the State Pension coming under scrutiny, and other developments. The Pension Protection Fund has recently published its three year plan for 2019-22, and we examine its five...

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    Trade union briefing, Q1 2019

    In the latest issue, we take a look at how The Pensions Regulator (TPR) expects trustees to manage the risks of relating to their defined benefit pension scheme, including long-term funding targets and recovery plans. We also discuss the introduction of ‘Pension Freedoms’ and how they work as a member...

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  • 2018


    Trade union briefing, Q4 2018

    Welcome to our Christmas 2018 briefing for trade unions. We highlight the pension issues coming out of the autumn budget, the latest on GMP equalisation, and we even throw in a pensions fun fact for good measure. Merry Christmas to everyone in the trade union movement.

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    Trade union briefing, Q3 2018

    In this issue we brief trade unions on the Government's recent White Paper, Protecting Defined Benefit Pension Schemes, which sets out how it intends to increase protections and make improvements to the current pensions system. We also discuss two recent court cases involving the Pension Protection Fund (PPF).

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    Trade union briefing, Q2 2018

    We report on recent COPE state pension changes, the BT court ruling and Port Talbot transfer value activities. We also brief trade unions on the latest mortality projections and key DC scheme issues.

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  • 2017


    Trade union briefing, Q4 2017

    We brief trade unions on the next three years of the PPF levy and forthcoming changes in the state pension age. We also assess progress on auto-enrolment to date, and provide a quick-read guide to defined contribution pension schemes.

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The Kennel Club

Concerned about the risk of an Employer contribution increase as a result of high liabilities, Trustees of the Kennel Club Pension Fund turned to First Actuarial.

“They’re extremely professional and helpful. Their input always seems sound, logical and well presented. First Actuarial handled the transition well, they provide us with helpful guidance, and have delivered what they promised when they pitched for the work.”



The RSPB was determined to minimise the impact of its new defined contribution scheme on employees, and appointed First Actuarial to support the transition and select a provider with strong ethical values.

“I would definitely recommend working with First Actuarial. Their consultants went over and above the call of duty to make sure the project progressed smoothly.”


Bolton Cares

Taking responsibility for care services previously provided by a local authority, Bolton Cares turned to First Actuarial for help in setting up a competitive and affordable DC pension scheme for its staff.

“They’ve been really helpful and professional throughout the project, and we’ll use them again if we need specialist advice.”

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