Transition management

Transitions help schemes get to where they want to be

Changes to investment strategy and asset transitions can prove costly if they’re not well planned and managed. Even the smallest oversight can lead to significant losses.

During periods of significant market shifts, transitions will bring investment assets back in line with any strategic changes made.

Because transitions involve large sums of money – potentially hundreds of millions of pounds – trustees need to be able to place their trust in the people who are moving their scheme’s funds.

Why choose First Actuarial?

In recent years, our transitions team has grown many times over as demand for our services has increased. We put our ongoing success down to a number of factors:

Our team has decades of transitions experience

We have a dedicated team, led by specialists with decades of experience in managing transitions across a wide range of investment managers and asset classes. Our team oversees around 100 exercises in a typical year, transitioning in excess of £500m of assets.

Our processes make transitions as straightforward as possible

We do everything we can to make the transition process as clear and simple as possible for trustees, managing the complexities and providing clarity at all times. Our robust processes are well designed, efficient, and proven over years of successful transitions.

We charge fair, competitive fees

Our competitive fees often surprise our trustees as they come to appreciate our robust processes and unrivalled specialist expertise. But with no external shareholders to answer to and no target chargeable hours to meet, our advisers can charge a fair price for every transition.

We assign experienced advisers to every scheme

With experienced and knowledgeable advisers assigned to even the most modest-sized scheme, we can provide quality advice much more quickly.This is something our clients particularly appreciate.

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Investment briefings

We produce regular briefings to update trends on the latest market developments.

The advice we received was very helpful and the consultant took time to explain it to those for whom investment was not a strong point

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First Actuarial case studies

The Kennel Club

Concerned about the risk of an Employer contribution increase as a result of high liabilities, Trustees of the Kennel Club Pension Fund turned to First Actuarial.

“They’re extremely professional and helpful. Their input always seems sound, logical and well presented. First Actuarial handled the transition well, they provide us with helpful guidance, and have delivered what they promised when they pitched for the work.”


Southern Co-op

The Trustees of the Southern Co-op pension scheme had a fiduciary, or delegated, arrangement in place, giving the manager discretion over how to invest the Scheme’s assets to meet the Trustees’ objectives.

"When we met the team on a video conferencing call, we built up a rapport quickly. We were comfortable with them and their fees were reasonable.”



As a result of an unusual clause in their trust deeds, Trustees of the pension scheme sponsored by the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) funded their liabilities on a buy-out basis.

“First Actuarial are very proactive. They respond quickly and get things done. They have proved to be competent and conscientious, and have a very professional and personable approach to business relations.”

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