First Actuarial helps trustees and employers manage their defined benefit pension schemes

Our experienced consultants work closely with trustees and employees, helping them strike the right balance between cost and risk at all times.

Defined benefit pension schemes can be complicated. At First Actuarial we explain complex issues in simple terms.

We help scheme members make the right retirement choices and get the benefits they are promised.

In our latest survey 100% of clients using First Actuarial’s DB services were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of our advice, and 100% would recommend us to others.

To find out why, read on and get in touch.

And this is what we don’t do

  • We’ll never sell you unnecessary services

  • We don’t prioritise speed over accuracy

  • We don’t use long words when shorter ones will do

  • We never put our needs ahead of those of our clients

  • We don’t sell fiduciary management services

  • We’re not dogmatic – we take a flexible approach to meeting your needs

How does First Actuarial work in practice?

When we start working with you, we’ll take you through these 4 steps to lift away the pain of managing a defined benefit pension scheme:

Step 1

Set or review your long-term plan

Step 2

Agree the investment approach and set a suitable funding objective

Step 3

Monitor progress with the right information at the right time

Step 4

Help members make the right decisions and appreciate the benefits

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First Actuarial DB Brochure

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