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  • 2021


    DC briefing, July 2021 – New responsibilities for trustees of small DC schemes

    The DWP has issued an update on planned changes around small DC trust-based schemes and DC sections of hybrid schemes. This briefing focuses on those areas requiring immediate attention – the annual value for money assessment and chair statement that trustees are required to prepare.

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    DC briefing, May 2021 – Salary sacrifice

    Introducing salary sacrifice for the payment of pension contributions can result in a win-win outcome, with National Insurance savings for both you and your employees.

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    DC briefing, April 2021 – ESG

    Since October 2019, trustees of occupational DC schemes, or those with DC AVC sections, have faced new regulatory Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG( requirements. In recent months that the subject has really sprung to life, with larger pension providers putting ESG at the forefront of their investment propositions. This briefing...

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    DC briefing, March 2021 – The end of small DC trust-based schemes?

    Occasionally, events take place that can significantly change the fate of pension schemes. Recent proposed changes to small DC trust-based schemes (or sections) with less than £100m in assets are a case in point. This briefing explores the background and the decisions that will need to be made – which...

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  • 2020


    DC briefing, April 2020 – Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

    On 26 March 2020, Government published guidance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. This is designed to support employers whose businesses have been severely affected by Covid-19. It is a grant from the Government that does not need to be repaid.

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    DC briefing, April 2020 – Covid-19: 9 key pension considerations

    In our DC briefings, we will be monitoring how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting sponsoring employers, trustees and DC scheme members. In this briefing, we identify nine actions you may want to consider taking.

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  • 2019


    First briefing, January 2019 – Auto-enrolment update

    April 2019 will bring two updates to auto-enrolment regulations – the last of the planned increases in contribution phasing, and changes in qualifying earnings and other limits. Read on for further details in our latest First Briefing.

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  • 2018


    First briefing, January 2018 – Auto-enrolment review

    Although the automatic enrolment regime is not yet fully rolled out, the DWP has already carried out a review. The results of this review, which examined coverage of automatic enrolment, how engagement can be improved and future contributions have just been published. We provide a digest of the review's proposals and findings, assess the...

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First Actuarial case studies

The Kennel Club

Concerned about the risk of an Employer contribution increase as a result of high liabilities, Trustees of the Kennel Club Pension Fund turned to First Actuarial.

“They’re extremely professional and helpful. Their input always seems sound, logical and well presented. First Actuarial handled the transition well, they provide us with helpful guidance, and have delivered what they promised when they pitched for the work.”



The RSPB was determined to minimise the impact of its new defined contribution scheme on employees, and appointed First Actuarial to support the transition and select a provider with strong ethical values.

“I would definitely recommend working with First Actuarial. Their consultants went over and above the call of duty to make sure the project progressed smoothly.”


Bolton Cares

Taking responsibility for care services previously provided by a local authority, Bolton Cares turned to First Actuarial for help in setting up a competitive and affordable DC pension scheme for its staff.

“They’ve been really helpful and professional throughout the project, and we’ll use them again if we need specialist advice.”

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